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Businesses occasionally receive a lead who already knows what they want, but with most potential clients & students, selling is a bit of a longer process. (ESPECIALLY Non-Organic Traffic... More on that in another blog...) It involves an introduction to you, your staff, your facility, and all of your programs. Then convincing them of the benefits through a free class or trial week to then convert the student or client into a long-term client.


Like every process, each step plays an important role in the overall success of the sales pitch and introduction.

5 Critical Steps For Selling A New Lead


1. New Lead! 

Reaching out asap ( under 5min ) can help you provide them with all the relevant information about your facility and what you offer. Take time to talk to them, get to know them and ask questions. Find out about their goals, why they're setting them, what they’ve tried before, and why they want to try again or looking for a new solution.


2. In-Person/ Virtual Meet & Greet

First impressions are critical.  Asking the potential client what they need from your facility and what they're hoping to achieve for themselves or their children. Different people have different goals, so the needs analysis/ meet and greet is critical to providing personalized solutions pointing them towards the right programs that give value to a client.  Help them to understand your business and the value you and your team bring. 


3.  Tour

Give the prospect a thorough tour of your business. Show them the equipment and other features that you offer for the programs they are interested in, specifically. Showing a prospect exactly how your facility meets their needs demonstrates value and shows a level of appreciation and investment in their  journey. Offering a free class or short trial membership is a great way to show off all your business has to offer. 


4. The Price 

Talk about the options that you think will be suited to the potential clients goals and interests. Give them two or three different options so they can choose which one suits them or their loved one best. If you have made a connection and formed the basis of a relationship of trust, the price will not be an issue. If you have listened to them and demonstrated value, that is what will matter to them when making a monetary decision.


5. Ask for the Sale!

Directly close the sale. Create a sense of urgency and offer guest passes, but don’t be pushy... Instead, offer them solutions. Show why your facility and staff are the best choices for them.


Make the prospect feel special like the deal is made especially for them.

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