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Easy Appointment Setting To Get Your Lead In The Door

Connect with your leads with LeadCore's Appointments functionality. Whether it's a phone call, in-person meeting, or even just a reminder to check in, give yourself more opportunities to close the deal than ever before.

While the best practice in lead follow up is to reach out to a lead as soon as possible, sometimes the lead isn't ready right then and there to have the conversation, instead, use the Appointments functionality to set a time that's right for them.

Appointments can be use to qualify your leads and assure that you are maximizing your time, effort and resources. You'll also be able to free your mind to focus on important tasks since your app will send you a Push Notification to remind you of upcoming Appointments.

Know which leads are ready to have Appointments set by using the stages in your Lead Flow, and answer all their concerns and questions with the Text Connect feature before setting an Appointment and getting that lead through your door or on the phone.

Get Qualified Leads In Your Door With Appointments

To learn more fill out the short form on the side of this page. Get easy-to-use Appointment setting through your mobile device with LeadCore.

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